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Translation and Localization for Export Markets

Nesaru in association with, Wolfestone Translations Ltd, provide a first class service for all your translation/localization needs.

Wolfestone Translation (Company Profile)

Wolfestone is a multi-award winning UK language company founded by two entrepreneurs. Their intention is to provide more than the average translation service, to raise the standards of the translation industry, to be innovative in the way they address all issues and ethical in dealing with all. Wolfestone has become the youngest company ever to chair the Association of Translation Companies National Council - the trade body for translation companies in the UK. Wolfestone has won numerous business awards and is one of the fastest growing translation companies in the UK, with offices in Germany and rapidly expanding to other countries.

Products and Services Provided

Full Service Language Solutions – Wolfestone offers a full service, meaning our clients get better brand consistency and cost savings with volume.  We offer:

·         Translation

·         Transcreation

·         Localisation

·         Desktop publishing

·         Voiceover

·         Subtitling

·         Transcription

·         Interpreting services

Certification, notarisation and apostille

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