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Nesaru specialise in creating and expanding export markets. Together with your company, Nesaru develop your export strategies, providing you with cohesive international marketing plans and effective, targeted, export sales.

This is achieved by:

  • Developing business/market strategies based on organisational strengths
  • Communicating the company’s personality (brand)
  • Implementing technology (IT) that enhances the company’s effectiveness, communications and strength.

Our International Marketing Team provides either specific skills or functions effectively as an "off-site" export marketing department, setting up a global infrastucture of agent and distributor networks, support services and logistics. This is achieved by regular country visits and "hands-on" management of the infrastructure.

The company’s mission is to ‘Provide a highly professional partnership with SMEs that allow them to develop international markets in a cost effective way’


Nesaru provides a wide range of expertise in export marketing and pride ourselves as a "hands-on" value added consultancy. Our extensive knowledge base covers:

Export market development - Project research, entry strategies, infrastructure set-up & management, contractual structuring.

e-Solutions - Website development, web applications, e-commerce, e-business, hosting, support.

Promotion & brand development - Promotional stratgies, corporate identity, promotional design & production, content development.


Nesaru's wealth of experience covers a wide range of industries and countries:

Typical Industries - Construction, engineering, ceramics, oil & gas, education & training

Regions/Countries - Americas, Middle East, China, ASEAN, Europe

strategy design

Strategy - Design - Applications- Case Studies

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