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Export, International Trade and Managing Agents

Nesaru provides export marketing support to get your product or service to market cost effectively. Our extensive export marketing experience and network of distributors and agents, ensures an easy path to establishing your overseas markets.

Resources are usually a major problem when considering exports: financial, human, knowledge & experience. Nesaru provides a highly cost effective method of developing your export markets. Working in partnership with your company, we develop the distribution channels and market infrastucture set-up, complemented with a Managing Agent service for your export growth.

Export Marketing

Nesaru provides a range of services to complement your in-house skills, which include:

  • Communications analysis.
  • Development of country/hub infrastructure (warehousing, product/service support)
  • Develop distribution channels (Locate new or utilise existing overseas distributors or agents to expand your product/service into the foreign markets)
  • Management and motivation of appointed distributors & agents (Managing Agents service)
  • Assistance/advice with relevant export documentation and procedures.
  • Assistance/advice with international air & ocean freight forwarding.
  • Product Sourcing

Advantages of Using Our Export Marketing Services

  • Faster entry into overseas markets in terms of first recorded sales.
  • Increase export sales in a cost effective way.
  • Better focus on exporting, because most firms give priority to their domestic problems.
  • Lower out-of-pocket expenses.
  • Expertise in dealing with the special details involved in exporting, as well as its strategies.
  • We provide services from the factory gate to the customer.

Translation and Localization for Export Markets

Part of the success of export marketing is meeting the cultural, linguistic and business requirements of a global audience. This means promotional material, contracts and product documentation are translated to the appropriate language of the country you are dealing with.

Incorporating cultural differences (localization) must also be taken into consideration when structuring websites and product brochures. (This is just as important in English speaking countries).

Nesaru provide both local knowledge and local translation to ensure accuracy and effective layout of documents and media.

We make exporting easy and cost effective for you

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